What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is promoting business, products or services through online channels. This promoting can be done through organic and paid mainly on the internet and also on mobile phones. Nowadays, people spending most of their time on the internet and on their mobile phones. So our Digital Marketing Training Course should also focus on internet and on mobile phones to reach the right audience. Digital marketing is a key term for marketing of products or services in this digital world.

What did we do at Infinity Digital Services for Digital Marketing Training in Chennai?                                  

In Infinity Digital Services this digital marketing technique with best trainers available in the industry who have real-time working experience in all kind of digital marketing techniques from organic to paid. So you will get trained in most popular search engine, social and email channels across the internet.

To Whom Digital Marketing Training is suitable for?

Digital Marketing Training in Chennai is suitable for all marketing professionals, students, a part-time job seeker who looks forward to becoming a digital marketer in future and become the online digital industry expert on the same. There is no technical skill required and no programming knowledge required to pursue this course.

Whom do we train?

We at Infinity Digital Services customized the syllabus covered according to the role requirements in the industry. We train experienced as well as fresher’s with the different separate module.


  • After your Degree, Learn this course and get a job
  • Enter into E-commerce or IT/Software Industry with Good Salary.
  • While doing a job, Earn extra Money working as an SEO Freelancer
  • Digital Marketing has a good scope in future


  • Owns a Business, want your business Presence online? then this course best suits
  • Learn How to promote your business website on the internet
  • Cost Effective Advertising Mediums like SEO, PPC, Social networking, Mobile Marketing and etc…
  • Increase Visitors to your website.
  • Increase Sales by 500%
  • Better Return on Investment ROI compared to traditional marketing
  • We make you Experts to manage marketing activities by yourself.


  • Not Satisfied with your current JOB? Become an In-Demand Web Marketing Professional
  • the job market is booming and brands are putting more of a focus on digital marketing than ever before.
  • Make the shift from Offline marketing to Online Promotions.
  • Generate more Money working as a Freelancer.
  • Get Paid More Than Your Peers, digital salaries are rising faster in 2016 than in the previous five years.

Job Opportunity for Digital Marketing in Chennai

Digital marketing is in booming in the marketing right now and there are many job opportunities waiting to be grabbed in the digital industry. We can see foreign outsourcing also booming in India for the digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Email IDS

E-Mail Marketing

Email IDS

Content Marketing

Search Engine Marketing


Social Media Marketing


Social Media Optimization

Our model of digital marketing training will help you master the different strategic marketing concepts and tools to enhance brand communication in this digital world. At the end of this digital marketing training programme, you will be fully experienced to plan, manage and execute digital marketing campaigns that generate plenty of leads and sales to your business.

Reasons Why You Should Pick Our Digital Marketing Training in Chennai:

  • This digital marketing course deals with everything right from website creation to marketing your website in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • Understand different methods involved in Social Media Marketing that generates quality leads and results in better conversion ratio.
  • Learn about the Importance of Email Marketing and the different tools to manage your emails!
  • Our digital marketing training in Chennai will let you know ways of making money by linking Google AdSense account to your website.
  • Learn Affiliate Marketing techniques and build an expertise around it.

Eager to undergo digital marketing training in Chennai and build an expertise on it?

We will make sure you master digital marketing within 2 months. The professional trainers handling digital marketing course have result- oriented practical skills backed by strong theoretical knowledge. Join our digital marketing training programme and build a career out of it !

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Module 1: Digital Marketing Strategy & Channels
Module 2: Web Design Methodologies & Hosting
Module 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Module 4: Google My Business – Dominating Local SEO
Module 5: Google Webmasters & Analytics
Module 6: Pay Per Click (PPC)/ Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Module 7: Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Module 8: Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Module 9: YouTube & Video Marketing
Module 10: Email Marketing
Module 11: Online Reputation Management

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